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Medic Says HIV/AIDS Patients Still Mystify Disease June 11, 2009

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When a person gets infected with HIV/AIDS and falls ill without
understanding why, people sometimes start attributing it to witchcraft
or a generational curse. To many, curses have no cure unless the person
who invokes it revokes it.
In a sample carried out especially on
HIV/AIDS patients, they see the disease as a curse to mankind.
According to Dr Denis Teuwafeu, a medical practitioner at the Bamenda
Regional Hospital , HIV which penetrates the body cannot be placed on
somebody by a curse and neither can it be revoked.

This fake belief, he said, is due to ignorance because there is
still lack of information and knowledge about HIV/AIDS and how it is
 Meanwhile, some people deliberately make some utterances just to console themselves that AIDS is not real.

"AIDS is Real," he said.
the growing illiteracy rate in many countries especially in the suburbs
deprives people from access to written knowledge in books and peers,
including information about HIV/AIDS.

Young women are kept
ignorant about sexual matters and this is often viewed as a sign of
purity and innocence, meanwhile, young men are expected to show
masculine behaviour that can hinder open discussions of feelings and
practices in connection with sex.

This often results to violence,
force and high risk actions. Sex education is every important for it
reduces the rate of contracting HIV/AIDS by young boys and girls as
well as adults. There is a wide gap between what people know they
should do and what they actually do. They ignore facts and expose
themselves to great risks. The great problem is how to get people
change and behave in a more responsible way.


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