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Administration, Prince Jesco At War Over Village Ownership June 11, 2009

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Emmanuel Ndengu, Idenau DO Sending Warning To Prince Jesco Manga Williams


Administration of West Coast led by the Diviaional Officer, Emmanuel
Ndengu, the Brigade Commander and the Police Commissioner has promised
hell to Prince Jesco Manga Williams who claims to be the owner of
Enyenge, a coastal village located in the West Coast District of the
South West Region. Speaking in Enyenge recently during an emergency
working session with the population of the village, the Chairman of the
Village Council, Augustine Kum, told the Administration that after the
installation of the village council by the Divisional Officer the
situation of harassment by Prince Jesco and his men worsened.

He said that, Prince Jesco Manga Williams still claims that he has a
land title indicating that he owns the whole of the village and that
the administration has nothing to do with the village.
"Jesco still
collects rents on the land which is supposed to be owned by the state
and therefore blocks any positive developmental initiatives from any
one", he said.

Quoting the example of the ADAX Petroleum Company,
the village council chairman said, when the whites came with the
initiative, they were received by all since they knew the benefits the
community will derive from their presence, especially since they had
already promised to provide pipe-borne water to the village.
regretted that words trickled to Prince Jesco Manga Williams through
his caretaker, a certain Hugo and the chairman of the village council
was dragged to court by Prince Jesco Manga Williams for trespass into
private property.

Enter Jesco's Representative
present during the working session was Prince Jesco's representative
and caretaker of Enyenge Village, popularly known as Hugo.
Seen as a
very controversial man by the population of Enyenge since they believe
that rent for state land should not be paid and especially to a private
individual, Hugo told the administration that, administrators have come
and gone and all have administered Enyenge. He said he is just a
caretaker and takes instructions from Jesco and that in his opinion,
the Bombokos are the owners of Enyenge and not a particular individual.

refusing allegations that he threatened to kill the Village Council
Chairman,he said the village is in dire need of a third class chief
which will be the representative of the government in the area.

victim of Jesco's harassment is one Mr. Tambe, the oldest Cameroonian
in Enyenge .He has lived in Enyenge for the past 27 years.
recounted how Hugo had led a gang of 17 men to attack him and disposes
him of some money in the process of construction of the recently
inaugurated bridge in Enyenge.
He told participants at the working
session that Prince Jesco had sued him but he managed to survive from
the arms of the law since he was not guilty.

Administration Says Enough Is Enough
listening to all the parties, the Divisional Officer of Idenau,
Emmanuel Ndengu, as angry as a wild cat, told the population of Enyenge
that the problem lies within themselves.
He said the people seem to
be confused as they prefer to take orders from Prince Jesco's men than
from the administration which is in Idenau, represented by the village

He warned Jesco's men and ordered that they should take the message back to him in the usual way, saying enough is enough.
Divisional Officer asked why they would be giving allegiance to an
individual after all the government and the council is doing for the
"The Administration will ensure that the population lives
by the rules governing the state and not by rules set by an individual"
he said.
"The Administration and the competent authorities will
probe into the authenticity of the alleged land certificate that Jesco
claims he has. That is the next step and Prince Jesco will be treated
according to the laws of the State", he added.

Jesco's Land Certificate
to the threats from the Administration and the Idenau Council, Prince
Jesco Manga Williams told Eden at his residence that he is in a process
of suing the administration for trespass on his personal property.
brandishing land certificate number 1608 of 30 April 1996, Prince Jesco
said he has the right to the land near Onge River in Bibundi, now
called Enyenge.

According an abstract of the certificate, the
land is 124 hectares, 5 Ares and Ninety Three centares in conformity
with the cadastral survey plan No EBUE.C.194 which was originally
surveyed and demarcated on 6 April 1933 by Mr. S.A Beckley and
confirmed on 26 April 1995 by Mr. Tchouen Jean Celestine, a sworn in
surveyor of the surveys department. The extract of the certificate also
reveals that the developments in the said Free Hold Estate had been
evaluated at FCFA 10 Million.

The land is said to be bounded to
the North by Crown land, to the East by Onge River, to the south by
Onge River and to the west by Crown land.
With this land certificate
and the threats from the authority of Idenau to investigate its
authenticity, both parties are certainly in for a clash in the law


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