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Mysterious Death Of Pigs Stir Panic In Mbouda June 10, 2009

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Emmanuel Wambo

The mysterious death of 16 pigs In Mbouda, West Region has stirred panic amongst the local.
owner of the pigs whose only name we got as Pa Gabriel who has been a
pig farmer for about 30 years is said to have collected garbage food
and given to the pigs on Friday 29 May. After giving the garbage food
to 15 of his pigs, Pa Gabriel is reported to have returned to collect
more. Upon his return, he realised that 15 of the pigs had dropped dead.

Pa Gabriel immediately dropped unconscious and was rushed to a
nearby clinic where he recovered after more than 20 minutes of medical
Upon return home, Pa Gabriel accused his neighbors of
masterminding the death of his pigs. The quarrel that ensued created a
situation where the remaining crumbs of the garbage had to be given to
one pig to see if it is the neighbors or the food that had killed the
pig. About five minutes after the pig consumed the food ,it also
dropped dead, making a total of 16 pigs.

Poisoned Pork On The Market
the end of Friday 29 May, the carcasses of the 26 pigs had disappeared
to an unknown destination. Reports say Pa Gabriel transported the
carcasses in a pick up to a far away area where he will prepare it and
sell and sell to cut down his costs.

This is not the first time, it is alleged that contaminated pork is put up for sale in the Bamboutous division.
the Mbouda incident, the population has been crying out to the
veterinary department to put in place control mechanisms to check the
sale of contaminated pork to the population.


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