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Forjindam’s Finance Director Arrested June 10, 2009

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The matter between the state and the detained former Managing
Director of the National Industrial Shipyard Engineering Company,
Chantier Naval, seems to be taking a different twist with the detention
of the Financial Director at the judicial police in Bonanjo since on 1
Jean Simon Ngwang was arrested on allegations that he has
embezzled the sum of FCFA 260 million, with the complicity of his
former boss Zacheus Fornjindam.

His arrest is said to have followed a complaint filed in by the current Managing Director of Chantier Naval, Antoine Bikoro.
quote Bikoro's complaint as alleging that between January and March
2003, the sum of FCFA 260 millions was syphoned from the company's
coffers after seventeen cheques worth the cited amount were paid to
some ficticious suplliers and contractors.

Going by Bikoro, a
majority of the cheques were signed by Mr. Ngwang who was at the time
the Accounts and Finance Director of the company. To him the cheques
were signed on Forjindam's request.
Another person who is also
implicated in the alleged FCFA 260 million scam is the former Finance
Director Njiande Antoine who is reported to be on the run. He is said
to have escaped immediately after Forjindam was picked up on 7 May 2008.

During the last court session on 27 May defence lawyers fumed when the state prosecutor had not prepared his list of witnesses.
the lawyers of Chantier Naval did not have their list of witnesses
ready on grounds that they expected the accused to plead guilty.
matter comes up again on June 10 at the Wouri High Court, and it
remains unclear whether the new charges would be brought up. Judges at
the court are expected to pass a ruling on the defence lawyer's

Forjindam and his former collaborators have been accused of having embezzled some FCFA 969.171.579 million.
Their identified properties have been reportedly confiscated and their accounts frozen.


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