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Alleged Tribalism In SONARA: Fako Chiefs’ Memo Attracts Biya’s Attention June 10, 2009

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By Francisca Dione

Paul Biya

President Paul Biya: His Reply To Fako Chiefs Still Awaited

petition bearing grievances by Fako Chiefs against the management of
the National Refinery Corporation, SONARA, seems to be attracting
government attention. The memo addressed to the Head of State was
categorical about what the Chiefs described as tribalism in the
employment policy of the corporation. Although the reply to their memo
was still being awaited, the Chiefs strongly believe that a recent
meeting convened by the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako, Jules
Marcellin Ndjaga, took serious consideration to the memo which is
believed to be a follow-up of their complaint.

Although the meeting was held behind closed doors, sources disclosed that the SDO took convincing interest in the Chiefs' case.
the first place, the Chiefs met to seek possible solutions to what they
have identified as a serious problem in the employment policy in the
corporation in which 80 percent of the work force in SONARA comprises
of non indigenes of Fako, and the treatment meted on sons and daughter
of the area.

The Chiefs' grievances seem to be directed towards
the General Manager of the corporation, Charles Metouck, when the
traditional rulers said all attempts in the past to call the General
Manager to a meeting with former SDO, Bernard Okalia Bilai, failed.
hinted after the meeting with Jules Marcellin Ndjaga that all was
cordial and the SDO gave particular attention to their worries.

about discrimination in the employment policy in SONARA are as old as
the corporation itself, remarked an observer. It started with the
creation of the corporation in which case the work force has been
dominantly Francophone and of one particular ethnic group.
It is
believed that with the recent move by Fako Chiefs, more pressure groups
will follow suit to overturn the trends in the corporation.


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