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Spending the Holidays with Children June 9, 2009

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Parents find difficulties catering situation to their children during holidays.

It’s holiday time! For about three months, pupils and students will
have much time to themselves. They will normally want to do what they
wish, go to where they want and watch just any programme on the
television. Given that parental guidance is needed at every stage in a
child’s life, just who does what in ensuring the upbringing of children
while on holiday? This is a multimillion question to answer as
situations have proven that holiday is a difficult period to monitor
especially children. While the very little children have been victims
of domestic accidents, those in primary or secondary school have
usually involved themselves in activities that have resulted to
devastating results.

Some parents say they are so busy that they do not have time
to look after their children who are on holiday. Others give
instructions to house helps to put an eye on what the children do
particularly those who are still very young. Parents say holiday is a
wonderful period to keep kids happy, active and excited. However, Mrs
Pierrette Ndam, a worker with the private sector says it is a difficult
period to handle children since they have all the time for what they
want to do. Hardly at home, Pierrette has given firm instructions to
her house help to look after the children, monitor what they do or
watch on the television. Pierrette says her children are usually glued
to a cartoon television channel; TG. Whatever the case, any television
programme dubbed “not for children below 10 years” is not watched in
Pierrette Mouliom’s residence. This is to protect the children from
violent or nude images.

Parents with bigger children such as those in secondary
schools have a harder nut to crack given that such children already
know what they want to do and will want to do just that. Even when they
tell their parents where they are going, one is never sure if they are
telling the right destination. Sylvie Fonga, a parent said it is very
difficult to check what they watch on the television as some of them
are capable of staying awake at night to watch just whatever.


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