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So They also Fear Armed Robbers? June 9, 2009

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In some circles, they say Cameroon is endowed with impressive
witchdoctors who can do, undo, disappear, appear and even cure
incurable diseases. Authorized or not, we see these witchdoctors (or
call them 'Ngambi men') display their concoctions in crowd-pulling
areas of our major towns. These men can foresee your future, give you
concoctions to become rich (though they themselves are desperately
poor), make you immune to bullets, make you to be appointed…and last
but not the least they are capable of making you invisible when
attacked by armed robbers.

 Reason why there's always a sizeable crowd
that converges to see what they have to offer. But imagine what
happened the other day in Mutengene. Two roving witchdoctors renowned
for their ''mystical powers'' could not stand their ground when
cornered by armed robbers at midnight. So, what did they do? Ah… they
hastily threw their bags containing "mystical concoctions" (that can do
and undo), and escaped for their lives. Even the armed robbers laughed.
You may also laugh. But the witchdoctors should not laugh for they owe
us explanations on what went wrong.



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