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Africa’s Potentials, Solution to Global Crisis June 9, 2009

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World Trade Ministers x-ray global opportunities and prospects at Turkey World Trade Bridge.

The 2009 Turkey World Trade Bridge, TUSKON organised by the
Confederation of Turkish Businessmen and Industrialists went into its
second and third days, on June 02 and 03, with Africa calling on the
world to turn its eyes towards her for a lasting solution to the
present global financial crisis. Two main voices militated on behalf of
the continent; that of Cameroon’s Elizerbeth Tankeu talking in her
capacity as the African Union Commissioner for Trade and Industry and
the Ugandan Vice President, the eminent professor, Gilbert Bukenya.

The two African officials were among the seven personailities
who mounted the rostrum to sound their opinion on how best to enhance
world trade in a manner as to sustainably attenuate the global economic

‘Africa has 900 million consumers and this number will shoot
up to 1.1 billion within the next one year, offering an interesting
market for the world economy’, Tankeu said, underscoring the important
natural resources the continent is blessed with. While condemning
protectionism, the AU official stated the importance for Turkey to work
with the continent within the well defined framework with particular
attention to promoting Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

The Ugandan Vice president was even more optimistic in his
presentation, stating inter alia that Africa has a comparative
advantage in the agriculture sector. Turkish industries, he said will
benefit greatly by processing agricultural products in the continent.
That notwithstanding, Bukenya pointed out the human resources the
continent has urging the Turkish government to continue in its capacity
building programme for youths who constitute the spear head of
development. ‘Open trade requires open hearts’, he said, adding that
Africa has a viable market but that the continent must be prepared to
enable it have a good purchasing power. To the Ugandan official, the
ouitbreak of the crisis is the result of financial indiscipline from
the developed society. ‘Now that the western and old financial systems
have failed, can we try other systems that are fairer’, he concluded.

From every indication, there is a conglomeration of ideas in
favour of the development of a trade bridge not only between Africa and
Turkey but between countries of the world. The rest of the officials,
such as the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish
Foreign Trade Minister, Zafer çaglayan and Tuskon President, Rizanur
Meral all agreed on this point.

The Turkish Trade Forum which opened last Tuesday, is equally
an arena of exhibition for 455 companies from the construction and real
estate sectors, 376 from the agricultural sector, and 209 from the food
and beverage industry. Other sectors represented at the Istanbul
exhibition include: chemicals, energy, electronics, computer software
and hardware, furniture, textile, jewelery and precious stones.

The Cameroonian delegation continues to create contacts not
only with businesses from Turkey but with other potential partners


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