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University Games Organisation : Students, Officials Quarrel Over Money June 6, 2009

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After they voluntarily accepted to work in different sub-organising committees.

Memories of the 2009 University Games that took place about a month ago
at the Yaounde I University are still fresh in the minds of some
students of the institution. Although some students opted to work in
some sub-organising committees during the games, without any official
statement on what they were to earn at the end of the games, the
students believe what they are being given now as payment for their
participation is small and not equivalent to the job they carried out.
Some of the students are collecting the sum allocated by the university
authorities for the work they did during the games, others are
currently carrying out a sit-down strike in front of the financial
department of the university saying they were expecting to receive CFA
25,000 and not 7,500 or 15,000 as is being proposed by the university

An official at the University of Yaounde I, who opted to remain
anonymous, says during preparation for the 2009 University Games at
Yaounde I, several committees were set-up to ensure the smooth running
of the games. Some 2,000 students voluntarily accepted to work in some
of the committees particularly those which needed huge manpower such as
the parade, communication, protocol, lodging and cooking committees. As
such, the Rector of the university gave his accent to the effect that
presidents of the various commissions could accept assistance from
students. The anonymous source said at the beginning, students never
knew what they were supposed to obtain as compensation at the end. Even
the university authorities did not fix what was supposed to be given to
the students.

However, after the games, the Rector decided what was supposed to be
given to students as a sign of “gratitude”. It was decided that those
who intensively worked during the games be given CFA 15,000. Those who
were in commissions that benefited from attires provided by the
university should receive CFA 7,500. Since the university authorities
made known the amount which students are supposed to get as
compensation, an uneasy calm reigns in the campus. While others go for
the money, others say the money is less than what presidents of some
commissions promised to give them at the end of the games. Thus the
striking students say they want CFA 25,000 each. Not more, not less.

Brenda YUFEH


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