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Lions of Cameroon: Indomitable or Vulnerable? June 6, 2009

Filed under: Sports — kikenileda @ 11:06 AM

By Innocent Chia

Nkono arrested in 2002It
was a jostle, but a jostle all the same, by the Togolese flying Hawks
led by Arsenal star Adebayor that brought the Lions of Cameroon to
bended knee. The defeat put the team on an official losing streak,
including the 0-1 loss to Egyptian Pharaohs at the African Cup of
Nations in February of 2008. Among several disturbing facts about the
collection of stars that is yet to jell as a team, consider this fact:
It has gone scoreless in both games, in spite fielding Europe’s top
scorer in the person of Eto’o Fils.

the foursome that has been charged with coaching the team turn a new
leaf or, is this all old wine in new wine skin? Will there be any air
left to breathe in the room after it is filled up by their respective
egos? How about the players? Will the coaches work with what they have
and use it as leverage to blame Otto Pfister who had had enough of
Cameroon’s baloney?


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