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Bakassi : Contracts For Priority Projects Awarded June 6, 2009

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The Coordination and Follow-up Committee of Implementation of Priority
Projects to be Realised in Bakassi Zone held an evaluation meeting

«All the contracts for priority development projects in
Bakassi zone for 2009 have been awarded and most of the contractors
have started executing them”. The President of the Coordination and
Follow-up Committee of the Implementation of Priority Projects to be
Realised in Bakassi Zone, Jacob Lekunze Ketuma said yesterday, June 04
as he presided at the Committee’s six session at the Prime Minister’s
Office. He said the Committee will ensure that the various ministries
involved the projects, send reinforced control teams to work with the
local authorities for the over 100 projects earmarked for 2009 to be
properly executed with lasting and adapted materials.

Opening the evaluation meeting, Mr Lekunze Ketuma stated that Bakassi
was so dear to Cameroon because of its richness in aquatic products,
forest, mines and strategic position in the Gulf of Guinea. The Bakassi
Committee he said, has been working for one year five months as at 4th
June 2009 created with the mission to elaborate and submit to the
approval of government, a priority programme for planning and
development of the Bakassi area and to follow up the execution of
priority projects.

The Bakassi Committee members and those of the operational unit, a
sub-committee under the Committee, would have to work bearing in mind
important points which needs to be done for people to live and settle
happily in the Bakassi area. Mr Lekunze Ketuma outlined the points to
include the tarring of Kumba-Mundemba-Isangele-Akwa road. Other points
are the provision of water and electricity through sustainable
permanent structures, stating that water from streams and rivers should
be constructed and transported to settlements. Electricity should be
provided by solar and wind or the two systems combined. He stressed
that there should be radio and television signals coverage including
the construction of Multi-purpose Community Tele-centres in all Sub
divisional headquarters in Ndian Division.

Jacob Lekunze Ketuma insisted that the construction of health centres,
classrooms, sports and leisure infrastructure, public buildings and
staff residences should be on permanent basis. He appealed to the
competent ministries to as a matter of urgency, resettle the Chiefs and
the displaced population back to where they were living before the
crisis between Cameroon and Nigeria in Bakassi. The road from Mbonge to
Bamusso, he said should equally be included in the studies for tarring,
as it will completely the disenclavement of the Bakassi zone.

“We have been given the Bakassi Peninsula to build. Let us dream
Bakassi, talk Bakassi and build Bakassi for posterity to judge us”, he
appealed to the Committee members.


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