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F-1 visa for Cameroonians June 4, 2009

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Let me go straight to the point: I think a six-month visa for an international college student is just ridiculous. That, fellow countrymen and women, is what we're subject to if we wanna study in the United States of America. I don't know what you think about that — and I'd like to read your opinions– but I honestly think that it's flat out unfair! In comparison, Nigerian students get a 2-year visa. I am certainly ignorant on the reasons why we get such a short visa, but I do have a couple thoughts on this interesting fact:

1- Maybe our bad reputation (corruption ,feymania, you all know what I'm talking about…) is the reason for this "joke" of a visa. If this were the case, however, most African nations would have the same F-1 visa length we do… So the logic behind this argument is flawed.

2- Why is our government not doing anything that could help students willing to study abroad? Oh, I forgot, they are busy letting our national football team repeat the same mistakes time and time again…

I do realize that a possible length extension of the F-1 visa for Cameroonian students does not only hinge on our government, but also on the U.S Department of State as well.

I'm hoping for a quick solution that would allow us not to spend $2000 every six months to travel back to Cameroon and $200 to renew the visa… only to come back six months later!

Waiting for your thoughts on this matter!



One Response to “F-1 visa for Cameroonians”

  1. Onemama Says:

    WHAT????? R U serious?? I don’t have an international visa so I didn’t know that. How ridiculous. I have to process this one before voicing my opinion on the issue.

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