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Biya Identifies New Political Allies June 4, 2009

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President Paul Biya has extended warm embrace to some selected leaders of opposition parties that took part in the 37th National celebration. Clear signals, some observers believe, not only herald a new political relation but also confirm persistent talks of on-going consultations for a new government.

A press release from the Presidency on Friday 29 May, signed by President Paul Biya sent  special congratulatory messages to three selected leaders of opposition parties amidst the over ten political parties that participated at the 20th May march past. The congratulatory messages were sent to the chairman of Progressive Movement, MP, Jean Jacques Ekindi, the chairman of United Front of Cameroon, FUC and the leader of Movement for the Liberation and Development of Cameroon, MLDC.

The message according to the release reads, "In taking part with enthusiasm in order and discipline at the march past organised at the 20th May Boulevard, on the occasion of the celebration of 37th anniversary marking the Unitary State of Cameroon, the militants of your party have shown their patriotic spirit and concern. I urge you through this message to extend to them my congratulations for the mobilisation and profound respect for the institutions of the Republic. Accept Mr. President my warm greetings and consideration".

It should be recalled that some opposition parties took part in the 20th May march past against calls by the leading opposition party, the Social Democratic Front, SDF for boycott. The SDF chairman in a press conference ahead of the national day's celebrations called on all opposition parties to join him to boycott the celebration in protest against the appointments in ELECAM.

Though, the boycott call was heeded to by the SDF, it was nonetheless violated by militants of that party in Mifi in the West region under the leadership of their Member of Parliament, Serge Noumba. The decision of SDF hierarchy to that effect is still awaited.

By Elias Ntungwe Ngalame


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