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Bars Vs Sanitation In Buea June 4, 2009

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By Armstrong Sinjoh ,


The creation of the lone Anglo-Saxon University of Buea, UB in 1993 came as a remedy to rescue the inhabitants of Buea from unemployment and to equally open the gateway for development in the town. Since the creation of UB, Buea, especially the Molyko neighborhood has witnessed a tremendous increase in its population as well as infrastructures. Also, the presence of some beautiful structures along the street of Molyko such as Molyko City, Fotabe House, White House and what have you, have contributed immensely to the beauty of the town.

Moreover, with the increasing number of persons each year in Buea particularly in Molyko, the numbers of drinking spots have been increasing on a daily basis. This is because business must go with pleasure for life to move on smoothly.
Today, Molyko has over 100 registered beer parlors. Of recent, some people are transforming their beer parlors into wine bars where they turn to sell more of wine than beer; this is in a bid to meet up with the taste of their customers.

Thus, with the coming of wine bars in the market coupled with their fancy seats and umbrellas as an added advantage for them to make quick turn-overs at the end of the day than their beer parlors counterparts
These beer parlors and wine bars are looking very attractive at night with some having giant screen for its sports fans and a restaurant. Besides, they equally have good musical sets that play good music to spice up conversations.

However, the problem here is how good is their sanitation? It's rather unfortunately, that of recent the Molyko neighborhood was identified as the dirtiest area in Buea. This was attributed to the fact that most of these wine bars and beer parlours do not have baths or toilets where people can pass out their urine in the course of drinking.

Consequently, their customers have transformed the gutters and the business premises into their baths or toilets.
Though some of these beer parlours and Wine Bars have either baths or toilets, some are small and unclean.
Some people use the gutters along the street of Molyko as their toilets especially when they are drunk, thus making the area to have a bad smell both in the day and night.

Besides, if you wish to catch fun in Molyko make sure you are not seated closer to the "soya" vendor because after having your nice time you will be as black as someone who works in the bakery. This is because these "soya" vendors do not have pipes where the smoke can pass through, thus the smoke turn to attack those who are drinking. Consequently, for those who come to drink they feel uncomfortable as they constantly scratch their eyes and coughing while drinking.


One Response to “Bars Vs Sanitation In Buea”

  1. Leslions Says:

    LMAO! The disregard we have for our own environment is just sad!

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