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Abortion, Diabetes Blamed For High Infant Mortality Rate June 4, 2009

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By Solomon Amabo in Douala,


Abortion, diabetes and over-bleeding have been identified as the major causes of the high infant and maternal mortality rate in sub-Saharan Africa.
Health experts made the revelation in Douala on 12 May during a ceremony in prelude to the celebration of the 4th edition of the African day for the fight against infant and maternal mortality in the continent.

Statistics revealed that one out of sixteen women die every 60 seconds during delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa with just a woman dieing in Europe and America out of 2800.

Complications during pregnancy, chlamydia, and lack of neo-natal consultations were also some of the identified problems. Panellists said 40% of women in Cameroon do not go in for prenatal consultations, due to both poverty and especially ignorance.
As a result, 40% of children die before the age of one. Here diarrhea, tetanus, pneumonia and HIV/AIDS account for the rise in infant mortality in Cameroon.

Littoral's Regional Delegate for Public Health lamented that despite measures taken to reduce the trends worldwide, the situation in sub-Saharan Africa remains a cause for concern. Dr Mbita Fouda raised fears that the situation could retard efforts to reduce infant and child mortality by 75% in 2015.Health experts underscored the importance of sensitisation and effective family planning as some of the ways of fighting against the pandemic.


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