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Late Bright Fuh Brings Hope To Vulnerable Children June 3, 2009

Fuh and mom

African women in the US under the banner of the USA African Women's Foundation have promised to spare no effort in exploring all possibilities to make things better for the sick and disadvantaged children in Africa and other parts of the world.
The promise was made during the launching of a foundation in memory of late Bright Fuh who died last 8 January 2009 after being diagnosed with Retinoblastoma.

Holding in Atlanta Georgia, USA, Cameroonians and friends of Late Bright Fuh recognised the needs of poor children suffering from cancer and other difficult diseases and decided to set up the fund to help and advocate for them.

Speaking at the event, Lady Kate Njuema, President of the USA African Women's Foundation, reminded all present to always think of the underprivileged back home who would benefit from the kind of support generated from abroad.

She further called on the leadership and friends of Late Bright Fuh to stay focused on the goals of the foundation.
Meanwhile, Gustave Effotte, chairman of the fund, thanked all supporters for their efforts, time and financial support towards the success of the fund.
He thanked the members on the grounds of what they are; George Mbella Martins for his dedication to the cause and representing the foundation in Cameroon and Professor Anderson Doh for his kindness and generosity towards late Bright Fuh.

He went ahead and gave a brief history of his experience in Cameroon when he met Late Bright Fuh during his last moments on earth and described the experience as horrifying

The keynote speaker and guest of honour, Mrs. Abby White from the Daisy Eye Cancer Fund thanked Lady Kate for introducing her to the Bright Memorial Fund and pledged her support and admiration to the fund.
She went ahead to explain her experience as a survivor of Retino Blastoma and the involvement of the DECF initiative to set up a treatment center of excellence in Kenya for the care of children with RB in East Africa.

Other speakers included Gwendoline Shang, Medical Chair of BMF who spoke passionately on the importance of supporting the sick child and Esther Ayuk, the Child Advocacy Chair of BMF who presented the vision for the child advocacy team and promised that each child will be given an equal opportunity for treatment in line with the Bright Memorial Foundation guidelines.


One Response to “Late Bright Fuh Brings Hope To Vulnerable Children”

  1. kumbaMAN Says:

    It’s very inspiring to see Cameroonians taking initiative for thier own country instead of waiting for outside charities to do good deeds!

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