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800 Civil Servants Sacked June 2, 2009

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Close to 800 civil servants have been dismissed from the public service for using fake certificates. According to the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform, the ongoing recruitment of former part time workers is plagued with irregularities. Out of the 17,558 applicants for recruitment in to the public service, 6,129 have been disqualified for diverse reasons.

According to reports from the committee set up to verify the certificates of applicants, 971 had fake certificates.
Not too long ago, some 102 trained pupil gendarmes were dismissed for using fake documents to sit in for the entrance exams.
Many have lauded the efforts of government to bring down crooks in the country but fear the longevity and strength of the exercise, given that some of the frauds are being perpetrated by some high officials.

According to a civil servant who spoke to Eden on condition of anonymity, it does not suffice dismissing these persons; government has to destroy the roots of this heinous act by forcing them to reveal their accomplices. "You will discover some big names in those concerned sectors", he said.


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