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Samuel Eto’o: What’s next? June 1, 2009

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As all soccer (or football, if you're not in the States) aficionados, the season is over and FC Barcelona were crowned European champions to complete a fabulous season: Spanish League, Spanish Cup, and the UEFA Champions League. With 30 goals in 36 Spanish League matches as well as 4 goals in 10 Champions League matches, it is safe to say Samuel Eto'o played a big role in leading FC Barcelona to arguably its finest season ever. As the summer transfer window will open very, very soon, his future is a big topic of discussion.

With only one year left in his contract, Etoo's market value is as high as it will ever be, so Barcelona could cash in big time by letting him go this summer. That would be the most reasonable move. Also, he has proven to be somewhat of a locker room distraction at times, and that doesn't fit with a no-nonsense coach like Guardiola. All things considered, Barcelona could get big money from an Eto'o transfer…unless they wanna let him go for nothing next year…

However, being a huge FC Barcelona and Eto'o fan, I want him to stay there forever. I would like him to score 200 goals for Barcelona and become a legend like Cruyff, Rivaldo, Romario and Guardiola, just to name a few. Will that happen? As a fan, I truly hope that happens, but I've come to understand that this is also a business. I wouldn't be shocked if he moved to one of the Milanese teams ( I'm an AC Milan fan as well, so I wouldn't mind him playing for them…)

However this turns out, Samuel Eto'o has cemented his place as the most complete striker in the game. Will he continue to showcase his skills for FC Barcelona come next season? Let's all stay tuned!


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