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Otto Pfister’s Letter to the Cameroonain Public (In English) May 29, 2009

Dear Cameroonians,

In this present moment, I wish to express my position with regards to my resignation as the Technical Supervisory Head of the indomitable Lions of Cameroon. I am doing this in order to put an end to the different speculations and interpretations based on the discussions that I was able to give these last days. I wish to make things clear; because I also think the people of Cameroon deserve to know the truth.

The reason for my resignation is simple- The creation of team of coaches to supervise the Lions put me in a situation in which I could not be responsible for my choices, decisions and results. This created a situation in which I found it impossible to manage, which means the coaches who maintained a flagrant opposition, accompanied by destructive criticisms against our team and my personnel for months, notably through Milla’s infamous commission are suddenly promoted as my assistants. On the whole, I was asked to be leader of a team of coaches who publicly demanded my head. This tells you the reforms were done without my consultation. Cameroon has a huge potential and will qualify itself for the World Cup 2010, if and only if the team is surrounded by a total and sacred union.  I tried to work with the new assistants; but our first meetings of work in Yaoundé showed that the latter were in a complete blocking opposition, against my mission, my philosophy and my objectives. The composition of these team of coaches with me at the head, guaranteed a source of permanent conflict at the level of the technical staff, the "brain" of the team.  And if the "brain" of a team does not converge in the same direction, then performances and the mood within the group falls immediately.  Thus, it becomes an impossible mission when it comes to the technical and psychological plan. 

I decided to sacrifice my dream to go to the World Cup on the African soil with Cameroon for Cameroon, to put a final point to this conflict and spectacles which were taking place during this period of qualifications during which the concentration and total unity of the whole team is priority and essential.  My decision to resign, I must say really hurt me, due to the love and incomparable respect for Cameroon, and the Indomitable Lions, who have become my family.  I wish to also thank the Cameroonian people and all my friends in Cameroon for the successes we were able to obtain together.  Good luck to the


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