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Otto Pfister break-up with the lions, the controversy continues May 29, 2009

 The 70 years old trainer of the Cameroon National Football squad, Otto Pfister, divorced from the union with the team in a very cynical manner.
In his resignation letter forwarded to Cameroon sports authorities, Pfister complains of the lack of collaboration, coordination, flexibility and comprehension between him and his collaborators; precisely his assistants who  seem to be imposing their opinion on him. The resignation letter had been prepared in Cameroon, reports say.

According to some media reports, Ottto Pfister had earlier approached the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, to complain about this condescending attitude of his assistants.

The minister advised him to hang- on till the end of the match against Morocco to take place at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium in Yaounde on the 7th June 2009.

Pfister could no longer bear the heat coming from different fractions of the administrative machinery including disgruntled Cameroonians; those who had not yet digested the Lions’ defeat by the Togolese team on 30th of March 2009.

Observers say the trip to camp in Belgium was the ideal occasion to be liberated from the self-imposed bondage.

Otto Pfisfter is parting company with the lions as criticism mounts. His tenure as the national team head coach witnessed a major shock when the FIFA –ranked Africa’s best team, lost to Togo 0-1 in Ghana in its first encounter in the ongoing South Africa 2010 world cup qualifiers.

After the defeat, Pfister’s credibility and ability to qualify the team for the world cup was put to question.

Internal squabbles within the technical bench and the FOCAFOOT ensued. The intensity of the wrangle brought the intervention of the Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni.

 Three home based assistant coaches were appointed to fortify the team and ensure qualification for the lions.

Just like the coming, the going is pin pointed by controversy. Otto Pfister’s recruitment as national team coach by the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education was criticized by the National football governing body, FECAFOOT.

 FECAFOOT President Iya Mohammed claims he was never consulted. He described the appointed as a gross disrespect of FIFA rules. He disapproved and boycotted the ceremony organized to endorse the contract.

Africa’s best football team now rest on the shoulders of three home based assistant coaches who have the challenge of proofing to fans that they too can deliver the goods while waiting for a ministerial decision.


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