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SDF MP Dares Fru Ndi May 26, 2009

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By Emmanuel Wambo in Baffoussam

In yet another dramatic twist, and in absolute contravention of instructions from his party hierarchy, the SDF Member of Parliament for the Mifi constituency, Honourable Simeon Serge Noumba has invited the wrath of the dreaded article 8.2 of the party upon himself.
The honourable MP mobilised militants of the party in Baffoussam to take part in the 20 May celebrations against the instructions of the National Executive Committee that had decided that the party will not take part in the celebrations.
Honourable Simeon Serge is said to have printed more than 300 t-shirts which he distributed to militants.

Honourable Noumba has in the past challenged the leadership of the National Chairman of the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi, as dictatorial, insisting that it does not tie with the slogan of the SDF party, "power to the people and equal opportunity"

He dreams that powers should change hands for a new aspirant leader of the SDF party.
The MP, it should further be noted, during the recent NEC meeting at the party headquarters in Bamenda, provoked a case on who is the legitimate Bafoussam I Electoral District Chairman.

His claim was dismissed by the party's National Chairman on grounds that Noumba had earlier challenged a NEC delegation and had designated himself as District Chair. It is reported that he left the NEC session unceremoniously with the promise to put the SDF party in Bafoussam through tough times.
However, sources in the SDF in Baffoussam claim that those who joined Honourable Noumba to take part in the march past were students as well as manipulated individuals.

Earlier on, the newly elected Bafoussam I SDF District Chair, Deffo Sangong Oumbe held a series of meetings with vanguards and his bureau members to be aware of the instructions of the party hierarchy for them not to take part in the celebration.
The Bafoussam I Electoral District Chairperson, Deffo Sangong Oumbe who also doubles as national commander of the SDF vanguard instructed the vanguards to be vigilant and take note of anyone who would dare take part in the march past.

On the alert, some of them early on 20 May were at the ceremonial ground with their jotting books and pens.
However, some SDF militants Eden talked to after the event disclosed that the MP was mainly exposing his "foolishness" in public and wondered why he will bite the finger that feeds him.

As for what awaits the MP, they said they expected sanctions for him because the current dissident groups of the Bafoussam I council whose members have faced article 8.2 of the SDF standing order are all fanned by the MP. They said since he has all along been covered by the party, the party will now pay the price of shame and disgrace.


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