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Prophet T.B Joshua calls Petit Pays to Sing Gospel May 24, 2009

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Pastor TB JoshuaBy Elias Ntungwe Ngalame

In the ever changing field of gospel massages and prophetic
deliverance, it is not surprising that there are few men of God who can
be seriously called “Prophets”, that is people whose religious
preaching and miraculous actions have widely recognized and enduring
value.  Persons who are preaching bring new and stimulating
perspectives in the lives of their Christians. Prophet T.B Joshua of
Emmanuel T V is one of those rare exceptions, pulling not only crowds
of people of all walks of life worldwide but also increasingly pulling
many glued to the Nigerian based Emmanuel TV. His sermons and miracles
apparently provide new contours and thinking even to the most cynical

If the prophetic actions of T.B Joshua suggested the traditional
gallery of the multiple “ghost prophets” mushrooming all over the world
today as prophesized by Jesus Christ in the bible, a look beyond his
messages and the quality of people it attracts dispel any assumptions.
Many fans of Emmanuel TV have attested that it is not the type of
sermons one listens, digests and quickly forget about.

T.B Joshua
is the general overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations based in
Lagos Nigeria. His life preaching, power of healing and exceptional
prophecies has won him acclaim as a sound spiritually gifted man of God.
in search of spiritual liberation and sweeping transformation seem to
have found the answer and met their dreams with T.B Joshua.
Heads of
States, political actors, musicians, football legends and other stars,
traditional rulers, administrators and other evangelists have visited
and worshipped at the Synagogue church of all Nations.

one can remember President Omar Bongo of Gabon, former Zambian
President Frederick Chiluba, former President of the Central African
Republic Andre Kolingba, the King of the Zulus Goodwill Zwelithini and
recently the Ghanaian President and Vice, Professor John Evans Atta
Mills and John Maham respectively.
Their victory in the Ghanaian
elections had been rightly prophesied by T.B Joshua when they first
worship therein and sought for his blessings before the elections.
Football stars in search of good clubs, musicians in search of new horizons have all found their answer in this man of God.

Cameroons Petit Pays Called to Sing Gospel music
of T.B Joshua’s latest convert is Cameroon’s ace Makossa musicians
Petit Pays. His recent visit to the Synagogue church of All Nations
took many Cameroonians by surprise. Known for his preponderantly vulgar
messages and highly immoral dancing styles on stage, the Makossa music
icon is said to be seriously thinking turning a new page, switching
over to gospel music.

He is said to have gone to the synagogue
for health reasons, a resistant stomach pain, but was spotted out by
the man of God as being possessed by demons. His association with 14
demons and visit to a lady of the white garment church at the sea was
also revealed.
To all these allegations Petit Pays nodded in
approval and pleaded for deliverance. He was enjoined to switch over to
gospel music if he was serious about spiritual deliverance. It is left
to see whether Petit Pays on returning to Cameroon will turn a new leaf.


One Response to “Prophet T.B Joshua calls Petit Pays to Sing Gospel”

  1. mouicho joe Says:

    that will be so cool if petit pays can sing gospel. what a change that will be!

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