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Police Teargas Striking Students In Bambili May 24, 2009

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Friday 15 May 2009 will remain indelible in the minds of students in
all the institutions of learning in Tubah and Bamenda III subdivisions
after having been teargased by forces of law and order. This incident
interrupted classes in the affected schools.
The innocent students
were protesting against insecurity, which has reached an alarming rate,
especially around the ENS, CCAST, and Agric School Complex. Armed
bandits had on the night breaking Friday 15 May at around 1:00 am and
for over three hours invaded several student hostels, depriving the
students of money, cell phones and other valuables.

The most hit were Azi Root, Azi Mansion and Nwe Palace in Bambili.
The bandits fired warning shots in the air before carrying out their
demonic acts.
According to a female student who narrated her
story, when her door was broken, she was ordered to lie on the ground
while pointing to where she had kept money and her cell phone. The
student said she was also ordered not to shout and if she resisted any
orders, she would be raped. A night watchman in the neighbourhood
managed to report the attacks to the Tubah Gendarmerie, where it
reportedly had only one gendarme at the station.
Several other
people who tried to call in the Rapid Intervention Unit of the police
said the emergency number rang for long and nobody answered. Some said,
the police complained of no fuel. 

Feeling hurt by the news,
the students decided to stage a protest march to the administration,
and the DO for Tubah who later arrived at the scene but was unable to
address the situation. The already enraged students decided to mount
road blocks on the Bambui-Ndop highway, demanding the creation of a
police post in the area.

Unfortunately too, for the
administration, the Minister of Land Tenure and State Property, Pascal
Anong Adibime, was due to travel to Ndop that morning but had to delay
his departure because of the road block. When the forces of law and
order were called in, they decided to use teargas on the students to
disperse them from the road.

Some of the students in the course
of running from the teargas sustained serious wounds and were rushed to
the hospital. After several hours of dialogue to bring the situation to
normal, the SDO for Mezam in the company of the Legion Commander
arrived and agreed on the presence of gendarmes who have been
patrolling around the CCAST and ENS complex every night.

to Eden, the Member of Parliament for Bafut/Tubah constituency, Hon.
Dr. James Bujung said he has personally written and met the Minister of
Defense to discuss the matter with him and the minister promised to do
the best he could. Also, he said he has booked an audience with the
Delegate General for National Security and the Secretary of State for
Gendarmerie which has since not been granted. He said the gendarmerie
brigade in Tubah is highly understaffed with no vehicle, but for a
motorcycle he provided.

He once called on the Secretary of
State for the gendarmerie to equip the brigade with enough staff and
logistics. He, nonetheless, appreciated the presence of the gendarmes
who have been patrolling, appealing that it should be permanent.
is hoped that classes ENS, CCAST, Agric School and National
Polytechnique Bambui which were interrupted will resume today Monday 18
May 2009.


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