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Olanguena Accomplishes Escape From Prison May 24, 2009

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Yves Mbela, one of the accomplices of the former Minister of Public Health, Urbain Olanguena Awono, has escaped from prison.
Kondengui detainee, according to reports was granted an official
permission last Friday to see his doctor at the University Health
Centre at Total Melen for health reasons.

He was led there by two warders of the Kondengui central prison, Yves Nkana and Christopher Effa.
circumstances under which he escaped are unclear and the two warders,
who are considered the primary suspects have been detained at the
Yaounde III Gendarmerie at Emombo to help the investigation. They
allegedly do not know how he disappeared into thin air.

Mbele was swallowed up by the Operation Sparrow Hawk, for alleged
embezzlement of funds allocated for the Fight against HIV/AIDS.
Investigations are still going on even though some fingers are being pointed into the house.


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