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North West Fons Warn Biya – Give Us University Or Else… May 23, 2009

Fons of the North West under the umbrella of the North West Fons
Union, NOWEFU, have handed a memorandum to the Head of State, Paul
Biya, via the Prime Minister, Ephraim Inoni, re-emphasising their
demand for a state university and the fulfillment of the different
development promises made to the people of the region by the
government.  A ten-man delegation of NO

ed by its president, Fon
Aneng Francis, handed the memorandum to the PM during a reception
granted them at the star building last week 14 May 2009. According to
the head of the delegation, the Fons thought it imperative to address a
memorandum to the Head of State because the request for a state
university and other development projects in the North West region made
by different forces and voices has long overdue.

''We have waited for too long to get our share of the development
cake as

promised by the Head of State to no avail. We thought it was
time to press and put some pressure to get what we rightly deserve'',
Fon Aneng said.
The memorandum follows that of the nine CPDM Members
of Parliament from the North West last month to the Minister of Higher
Education, Jacque Fame Ndongo. Like the MPs, the Fons expressed
appreciation for the upgrading of ENS Bambili to a second cycle and

inclusion of a technical teachers training department, but pointed out
that what the people of this region really need was a full fledged
state university with all the necessary faculties.

Only with a
prompt and positive answer to their request can the total l

oyalty of
the people of the North West to the CPDM led government be guaranteed,
the memorandum stated.

Fons pointed out that the results of the last twin elections in the
region was indicative of how subservient and loyal the people can be to
the CPDM if their share of the cake is accorded them accordingly.
also requested for the completion of the Ring Road which the Head of
State personally promised to supervise as well as other development

Fon Aneng

Fon Aneng: NOWEFU President

The memorandum also requested the Head of State to appoint sons and daughters from the North West to key ministerial positions.
Prime Minister, on his part, promised to transmit their memo to the
President of the Republic, calling on the chiefs to have their ears on
the ground and ensure that total peace reigns in the region and the
National Day celebrations were problem free.
The visit of the Fons
to the Prime Minister was the second in two months after that of
presentation of the newly elected executive of NOWEFU.

By Elias Ntungwe Ngalame


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