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Civilians Demonstrate Attachment to National Unity during 20th May March May 23, 2009

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Schools and political parties marched past in Yaounde with patriotic songs and messages.

The 37th edition of Cameroon’s national day on May 20, 2009 is
now history but will forever be remembered for the attachment to
national unity, peace, progress, development and democracy civilians
demonstrated during the march past at the Yaounde May 20 Avenue.
President Paul Biya, wife Chantal Biya, his special guests, diplomats,
senior government officials and the population watched the thrilling
display of primary school pupils, and students from secondary and
higher institutions of learning as they marched past.

The students of the National Institute of Youth and Sports
(INJS) introduced the first phase of the civilian march past dedicated
to schools. They carried flags and a large banner bearing the
celebration theme, a parade representing national unity and Cameroon’s
economic, tourism and agricultural potentials. Primary school pupils,
three schools representing each of the seven Subdivisions of Mfoundi
Division, happily chanted patriotic songs as they march past. For
secondary schools, two colleges public, private or confessional
represented each of the Subdivisions of Mfoundi Division. Higher
institutions of learning in Yaounde ended the first phase of the march
past dedicated to schools that lasted for 30 minutes. The Universities
of Yaounde I and II, African Institute of Computer Sciences (IAI), and
the Siantou Higher Institute made the difference as each of them march
past with their bands and majorettes.

Simple marching past by schools would not have left a historic
impact. The messages the pupils and students carried in banners and
placards will forever be remembered. Primary school pupils had messages
such as: tobacco kills, let us together fight inertia and corruption
for the prosperity of Cameroon, with more commitment to hard work we
would get back to growth and our major educational concern is guarantee
of equal opportunities for all citizens. Secondary school students and
those of higher institutions of learning said: Let us mobilise for
successful integration of our brothers and sisters in Bakassi,
equitable distribution of the fruits of growth a solution to social
peace, only a united front can help us fight against financial crisis
and together let us acquire a good knowledge of decentralisation

The Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) joined the
students in passing across patriotic messages. Militants carried
messages such as: with His Excellency Paul Biya, let us fight inertia,
intolerance and corruption, let us use our diversity as a source of
wealth and progress, as well as tolerance the heart of peace and the
pathway to democracy.

by Emmanuel KENDEMEH


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