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Website Contributors May 19, 2009

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The Public!!


2 Responses to “Website Contributors”

    Comment peut-on être Camerounais ?
    Le français est-elle ma langue maternelle ?
    Non, je suis né à Bamenda où l’on ne le parle pas.
    Comment peut-on être Camerounais ?
    L’anglais est-elle ma langue maternelle ?
    Non, je suis né à Bertoua où l’on ne le parle pas.
    Suis-je même Camerounais ?
    Vraiment, je le crois et m’en expliquerai
    Mais de ‘pure ethnie’ qu’en sais-je et qu’importe ?
    Ne m’insultez pas !
    Séparatiste ? Autonomiste ? Régionaliste ?
    Tout cela, rien de cela. Au-delà !
    Mais alors, nous ne nous comprenons plus.
    Qu’appelez-vous Camerounais ?
    Et d’abord, pourquoi l’être?
    Question nullement absurde.
    Camerounais d’état-civil, je suis nommé Biafrais.
    J’assume à chaque instant ma situation de Camerounais;
    Mon appartenance au Cameroun,
    N’est en revanche qu’une qualité facultative
    Que je puis parfaitement renier ou méconnaître.
    Je l’ai d’ailleurs fait ;
    J’ai longtemps ignoré que je suis Camerounais.
    Camerounais sans problème,
    Il me faut donc être Anglophone en surplus.
    Camerounais sans ambages,
    Il me faut donc être Francophone en plus.
    Si je perds cette conscience,
    L’appartenance cesse d’être en moi.
    Le Camerounais n’a pas de pièces d’identité,
    Il n’existe que dans la mesure où,
    A chaque génération,
    Des hommes se reconnaissent Camerounais.
    A cette heure, des enfants naissent à Bamenda,
    Seront-ils Camerounais ?
    A cette heure, des enfants sont mis au monde à Bertoua,
    Seront-ils Camerounais ? Nul ne le sait.
    A chacun, l’âge venu, la découverte ou l’ignorance.
    © Vakunta 2009

  2. Long-held thoughts for my Cameroonian
    Dear Cameroonian Fellows:
    Thank you for your perseverance in informing us of the evils and their agents that have loaded our backs to the point of submission. In our case I am afraid more knowledge of the ways of the enemies of our freedom may only confirm their stronghold over us and our impotence at defeating them. I suggest a different approach that would instead empower our people and put them in a position where they are no longer destitutes but rather have established equities in their country for which they are willing and able to defend against any oppressor, thus allowing them higher political, social, philosophical, and other aspirations to contend with. This is not an attempt to discourage the great hope we all have to see better political leaderships in Cameroon, but rather it is my attempt to impart in all of you my conviction that the pressing needs of most Cameroonians living in Cameroon are: decent housing, decent transportation, relevant educational institutions and the dignity obtained from having done a good work at the end of the day. My friends, those are all possible with decent employments for most Cameroonians, not by wasting our precious time, energy and resources playing politics. Let’s prove to ourselves, the belly politicians and above all to our destitute people and our Maker that we have had enough and care enough by bringing forth those needed changes to our people. This is something we can offer them NOW. What are we waiting for if we truly want to see these benefits in the lives of our people and of our offsprint?
    I often hope to be part of a small group (Cameroonian and / or others) where we can bring our material, financial and intellectual resources together to bring the above benefits to our people in Cameroon and eventually to others.
    Did you know that the second largest black corporation in America is known as Cameroon American Corporation or CAMAC (www.camacholdings.com), based in Houston and operating in the US, Africa and S. America? Did you know, individually, that the revenues of many companies in the United States such as Microsoft, well exceed those of many African contries such as Cameroon while they provide thousands of employments in many parts of the world. My friends, all I desire to convey to you is this: let’s stop kidding ourselves, let’s keep our focus on what’s important and achievable Now and let’s roll our sleeves collectively and individually to establish the great types of lasting and viable institutions our people really need NOW. The question is not can we do it, rather, when are we going to start? The answer is simply Now, particularly for those of us who have have acquired specialized knowledge in a specific field. Your knowledge of your sector and your confidence is more important than the rest. If you meet those two conditions and lack the rest, cantact me and let’s see how we can help you establish your dream. Our motherland is a virgin where the basics and elementary tools for our daily living is still being supplied by foreign nations. The harvest is bountiful, but the workers are few. I say to you, let’s be transformed from a society of consumers to one of producers.
    I, therefore extend an invitation to a few honest and resourceful Cameroonians and others. If you want to see your people advance by providing them with the minimum stated above, please add your name, email and telephone right after mine below and let’s ask God to bless our hearts and initiatives as we come together to make life more agreable to a people in desperate need of it.
    I ask our political leaders and the legal system not to be the hindrance they have proven to be, but to make the process of establishing and operating a business one that does not cause us to be discouraged often to the point of alienation which cause many of our brighest people to reside in and give their talents to another country. This is an area where the anti-corruption commission should also play an important role by investing a great deal of their efforts and resources.
    As far as I am concerned, my appeal to you is Cameroon only good, reliable, IMMEDIATE, lasting and effective alternative.
    We are blessed, let’s be a blessing where it is most needed.
    C. Tawamba Mbouende
    Email: cmbouende@gmail.com

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