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These Filthy Transporters May 19, 2009

By Effa Tambennkongho

Some taxi drivers and motorbike riders are dirty making their
clients uncomfortable. At about 11:00 am one morning, a bike rider was
running around with his friends with his tooth brush in his month. What
a situation! The next day a colleague climbed on a motor bike to be
dropped quickly in his destination and complained he could hardly
breathe because of the odour that came from the motor bike rider's coat.

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The man who hangs on the door like a motor boy calling for
passengers and who collect money from the passengers does not even care
that he could be crushed by a car if he falls from the position he is

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Most of the time they carry so many passengers that he lacks where
to sit, so he is forced to hang by the door till they get to the
destination. Lately a youngman who was playing the role of a motor boy
fell from the vehicle and was crushed and that was his end.

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Talking to Ajong Christopher, a taxi driver who has been in the
business for more than 18 years, he said most of the people who leave
themselves dirty are young boys who lack responsibility, who do not
have wives who can hold them down to keep themselves clean.

He added that a taxi driver is not supposed to be well dressed in
suit because he sits in the car all day long and the act of carrying
passengers' goods into the car and taking it out again is a Herculean
task which does not warrant serious dressing up.

But a younger driver gave a contrary view. He said it is mostly the
old brooms in the profession who leave themselves any how. He said the
young keep their cars clean as "you might find your wife in the taxi"
he said.

He said most motor bike riders are a disgrace because most of them
are poorly brought up. Immediately they are able to ride a bike they
jump to the streets and off they go, without having the proper mind


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