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Duped into an Interview: How my Persistence Failed Me! April 1, 2009


I woke up Sunday morning to a phone call from a lady informing me they were interested in interviewing me for a receptionist weekend position. She gave me a rundown of where the interview was and what the duties entailed.  We settled for Tuesday at 1pm.Little did I know this was going to be the beginning of a ridiculously unproductive Tuesday.

Anyways, like I do every interview day, I got up very early on Tuesday morning and got ready and suited up. My GPS was not working so I copied the directions, kissed my grand mom buy and was out the door. It was quite a beautiful day as drove down the highway with my directions in hand. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until I realized I was going East and not West as the directions dictated. I made a quick exit and got on161 West as was supposed to but then my bad sense of direction took over and before I knew it, I was speeding past dirt roads and lonely highways. But not to bother, I had left the house 1hr early because I always try to prepare for such situations or make room error lol!

Not trusting my own instincts enough, I decided to do the most common thing one in my position would; I stopped at a gas station to get directions. The old man’s words “Get on 270 N, drive until you see the exit into to 161 West!” Easy right, oh well if only it turned out that way. Damn you GPS for not working; now I have to actually think!!  Knowing that my 1hr room for error was soon to be out, I called the office to let them know I was going to be late.  The next time I called them, I was one hour late for the appointment already.  To my surprise they were still interested in seeing me so I continued my quest to the location stopping wherever I could to get directions, mixing them and finding new routes to get lost even more. I left home at 12 but it was 2pm and I was still trying to get to my interview. I was frustrated, hungry and my gas was running out. I called a cousin to help me with directions, but he instead complained about his minutes not being enough for him to give me standby directions. Frustrated even more, I missed more exits. It was 3pm now, and I was still lost and even more bent on getting to the interview. I thought it was extremely gracious of my interviewer to want to see me still, so I persisted with patience.

Finally with the help of my mom, the last person I thought to call because I did not want a lecture on how to read directions before getting the help I needed. Luckily she did both at the same time and I got to my interview at about 4:15. Wheewwwwwwww, finally there! My interviewer walked out to greet me and remarked I was in good spirits despite all. He walked me into a room with about 14 people talking on phones and a couple of empty chairs arranged in a semi-circle facing a projector screen.

My worst nightmare was in front of me. I said loudly to myself “Hellll nooooooo, I did not get lost for about 4hrs to end up at a TELE-MARKETTING INTERVIEW!!  I tried to compose myself an act seemingly pleased to be there despite the burning disdain. This did not look like a receptionist interview and I felt like I had been taken advantage of.  Andrew started out by explaining what that their company was,a fitness company and so on and forth. When I quickly realized he was giving me a power point presentation from his laptop I even grew quite irritated. I interjected after listening for about 16mins of his passive reading. I asked if the company had a website which he quickly brushed aside, choosing to tell me about Trump and the other billionaires who had invested in their company. He told me I could be making a couple of thousands within weeks, so I asked him how. When he mentioned bonuses and commission I knew how bad I really wanted to walk out. But still, I tried to be graceful.  The fact that I was deceived into the interview in the first place made me less receptive of anything being said. Feeling like I was wasting my time and his time, I opted to leave saying I had to get home before it was dark and I got lost again. But no, he just had to keep talking. Salesmen can be irritatingly persistent.

After a while of exchanging meaningless pleasantries, I asked for directions one last time for the day (lol) and left. The road home looked more familiar; I cranked up the volume to 89.5 and there was Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” playing.  Alone in the car without a care of embarrassment  I sang out loud the chorus as I sped home, this time without missing an exit!!

Oufffffffff what a day!!!!!!!!


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